As we continue with our “Who Am I, Where Do I Go From Here” theme in K-1 class (aka our All About Me Theme); we have begun to talk about our feelings and how we describe them.  We talked about how we can write out our feelings and describe them in different ways.  We read “Sometimes I Feel Like a Storm Cloud” by Lezlie Evans.  In this story the main character describes different way she feels.  She describes herself as feeling like a tornado, or feeling like a newborn kitten.


Then students described their own feelings by writing what they sometimes feel like.  Following the picture and writing; they created a paper plate face that shows their feeling on their face.

IMG_0376 IMG_0374

In first picture the student writes “panda”; the second picture the student writes “sleepy elephant”.

On the paper plates they used various arts & crafts supplies to create the accompanying paper plate faces.

IMG_0380 IMG_0378 IMG_0377

The first picture the student writes “a mad bear”; second picture the student writes, “a happy cat”, and a “happy giraffe” was written on the third picture.

Students were invited to think of things or animals that made them think of the specific feelings that they sometimes feel.