With our theme Those Nearest and Dearest People All Around, People Up and Down; we’ve talking about what it means to be a good friend.  Good friends share and care for each other!  We recently read a story called The Little Red Hen, and in this story Hen works on making bread.  For each step of making bread she asked her friends; Goose, Pig, and Cat if they would help her.  Each time her friends refused to help.


At the end of the story Hen ate the bread all by herself because her friends didn’t help make the bread.  We had a class discussion on if Hen should have let her friends eat the bread anyways.  Some students said she should have let her friends eat the bread because her friends might be hungry.  They said she wasn’t a good friend either by not taking care of them.  Other students said she shouldn’t have to give them bread because the animals didn’t help make it.

Then we made a check-list chart and had students individually check whether they thought ‘yes’ Hen should have let her friends eat the bread, or ‘no’ Hen should not have let her friends eat the bread.

IMG_0462 IMG_0463

Then students filled out their own individual check list (by copying the one we filled out as a class) and counted how many said ‘yes’ and how many said ‘no’.  They decided what was the answer that most people said in the class.

NOTE: The worksheet said ‘Did the Little Red Hen do the Right Thing?’, but I had posed the question “Should Hen have let her friends eat the bread?”.  I had noticed that as I was doing the lesson, so I had to clear that up with the students.

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