We have started the First Thanksgiving Unit in our K-1.  To start out the unit we read the book “The First Thanksgiving” and I discussed with the students an overview of Native Americans and Pilgrims.  They learned that the Pilgrims arrived to America by the boat the Mayflower.


We took what few things we learned about the Mayflower in the book and started a KWL.  We thought up of questions we wanted to know about the Mayflower.  Then we took a virtual tour of the Mayflower from Scholastic’s First Thanksgiving website.

Then we took the questions answered and what we learned to write giant postcards.  The students pretended that they were pilgrims that traveled on the Mayflower.  The students describe how they slept, eat, things they did for fun, or even how they went to the bathroom on the ship.

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