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Daily Archives: September 10, 2014

We’ve been learning the letter S and the /s/ sound.  One of our centers available for literacy workshop today was a cutting and gluing activity.  Students cut out various pictures of key words and glued them onto construction sorting them based on if the words started with the /s/ sound or not.

IMG_3382 IMG_3383 IMG_3385 IMG_3386

We have switched over to a new theme this week talking about friends and family in kindergarten!  We read the book “My Best Friend” by Pat Hutchins and talked about how the characters were different in the story.  Students retold the book by taking three pictures from the story and putting them in the order of beginning middle and end.

IMG_3376 IMG_3374 IMG_3375 IMG_3379 IMG_3380 IMG_3381

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