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Monthly Archives: May 2015

This week we celebrated Mother’s Day by reading Clifford’s Happy Mother’s Day, writing all the things that we love about our moms, and what they do for us in a WOW MOM book.

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Finally students made a hand print flower pots for our moms to save and see how much we’ve grown later on!

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This week we finished our unit on day and night.  To help my students understand how day and night are different we learned about opposites and the meaning of antonyms.  We read the book What’s Opposite and then students partnered up and matched up opposite words.

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This week our focus has been what makes day and what makes night.  Students learned about how the earth rotates on it’s axis and this is what causes day and night.  We read two stories about day and night (What Makes Day and Night by Franklyn M. Branley and Moongame by Frank Asch).

day and night IMG_5240_2


We then took what we’ve learned so far to make a sequence map illustrating different times of day and night.  I got this from April Larremore’s Day and Night Flowmap.  We also did a day and night venn diagram were, students compared different things that can be seen in the daytime and nighttime.  I got the venn diagram from Class of Kinders TpT’s website.

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