Yesterday completed another Halloween season with Kindergarten All-Stars.  We had a busy day starting with the morning class rotations.  Each class rotated through each teacher to participate in games, activities, and crafts.  In my classroom we played Halloween games.  We played one game called zombie 4 corners.  In zombie 4 corners one student covers his/her eyes while other students walk around the room like zombies until Halloween music stops.  Once the Halloween music stops the class runs to a corner in the room and those students that hid in that corner have to sit down.  This continues until there is only one student is left.

img_9186 img_9187 img_9188 img_9189

Our second game was a candy corn relay race.  Students carried as much candy corn as they could in a spoon and placed it into a bowl.  They took turns doing this until time ran out.  The team with the most candy corn in their bowl won.

img_9190 img_9191 img_9192 img_9193

Then in the afternoon we carved pumpkins, counted the seeds, and felt the insides.  Students got to use their sense of touch to describe what the inside of the pumpkin felt like.

img_9199 img_9200 img_9204 img_9205 img_9206 img_9207 img_9209 img_9210 img_9211 img_9213

After our pumpkin carving we enjoyed treats & snacks and participated in Halloween crafts.  The crafts included coloring pages, hanging ghosts, paper bag puppets, and paper plate masks.

img_9215 img_9216 img_9217 img_9220 img_9222 img_9223 img_9226 img_9227 img_9228 img_9230 img_9231 img_9232

Finally at the end of the day our whole school grades PreK-2 participated in a Halloween costume parade!  It was great to see all of the smiling faces and fun costumes!

img_9235 img_9239 img_9241 img_9247 img_9260