Normally I don’t like to get political on Kindergarten All-Stars but I think this is important:
Friends, family, and fellow educators; I ask that you become familiar with Betsy DeVos. She is no friend of public education and if she had it her way she’d take federal money that is used for public schools and put it in the form of vouchers. Parents could use those vouchers to send students to private schools that do not have to have to follow same regulations, allow in the same students, and not be held accountable like public schools do.
This would provide an unequal playing field for students and teachers as those schools could deny services to whomever they chose. It we turned education to a free market it would also mean pay for teachers could be varied significantly from school to school and teachers could be fired for pretty much any reason.
I URGE you to call your representative and demand that they do not support the nomination of Betsy DeVos. She had never held a teaching position, served on a school board, or even sent her children to public schools. She is not qualified and she is not a friend of fair and equal education!