Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars!

about me

Welcome to Kindergarten All-Stars, I am Mr. Bowen!  I have been teaching for 5 years and currently working on my 6th year in Kenai, Alaska.  Not included in my 5 years, is a year in Seoul, South Korea where I taught English to students from grades 1st-4th.  In all of my 5 years of teaching I have taught kindergarten or 1st grade (usually in a K-1 split).  Kindergarten is my passion and I cannot envision myself ever leaving the grade!  I graduated from Ferris State University in Michigan and did 4th grade math for my practicum.

I have a wonderful family that consists of my wife Arin, son Ethan, and our two dogs Dax and Neville!  (Both have references to popular universes in both TV and books)  When I am not teaching, blogging, and being creative on the computer; I enjoy hiking, disc golfing, going to shows (both movies and concerts), and doing other creative projects.

I created this site originally as a communication tool for the parents of the students I teach, but recently has expanded to be a resource tool for new kindergarten teachers (or teachers just looking for inspiration).  Kindergarten All-Stars is a place for easy to find lessons, themes, classroom design, and classroom management ideas.  My goal for this site is to be clear, organized, and free of clutter.  I hope you enjoy your stay!

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