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Welcome to my announcements / communication page!  Anything that’s going on in the classroom that I would like my parents to know will go here.  These announcements will be updated starting from the most recent to the oldest announcement.  For example if there is a class party that is happening on a certain day, or supplies that are needed; it will be posted here.

Kindergarten Basics

Breakfast Program
Breakfast is served from 8:20-8:45 (1st Bell.) This is a federal program and students are charged out of their lunch money account. If students are receiving free or reduced lunch, they are provided the same service for breakfast.

School Hours 8:45 AM -3:20 PM

Student Drop-off
Parents may drop off their students starting at 8:20. Students will place their backpacks along the wall outside their classroom and go out to recess until the first bell rings at 8:45. Students MUST use the crosswalk to enter the building.

Classroom Volunteers: Anyone interested in volunteering in the classroom and/or school will need to attend a mandatory volunteer training. Information regarding when this is scheduled will be sent home at a later date. The school district also requires a background check for individuals wanting to work in the classroom. Information on this can be found at

Recess: Kindergarten recess is scheduled from 10:40-11:05. We will go outside everyday unless the temperature reaches -10. Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather. All children are required to go outside unless they have a doctor’s note.

Snacks: We gladly accept donations of ready to serve healthy snacks. Snacks that are ready to serve are very helpful. (Ex. sliced apples vs whole) We have water fountains in our classrooms, so it is not necessary to send in drinks. Students will also be receiving a snack brought to the classroom a few days a week from our school kitchen. It consists of healthy fresh fruit or vegetables!

Lunch: Kindergarten lunch is served from 11:15-11:45. We appreciate it if lunch money is placed in an envelope or Ziploc bag and marked with your child’s name. If your child comes home with a “$” stamped on his/her hand, that indicates that they will need to bring in money before eating hot lunch again.
Please be aware that we will not be heating lunch items for Kindergarteners.

Toys: Later in the year we will have show-n-tell days. Until that time please do not send toys with your child to school.
Perfume/Cologne/Jewelry: Please do NOT allow your child to wear perfume or cologne to school. Many students and teachers are sensitive to scents. Also jewelry easily gets broken and lost so do not send your child to school with special items.

Friday Folders: Each Friday students will bring home a folder with a newsletter from myself as well as notes from the office. Please take time to look at the contents and return the folder on Mondays.

Kindergarten Schedule
8:45-8:55 Morning Jobs / Announcements
8:55-9:10 Calendar / Attendance / Snack / Bathroom
9:10- 10:40 Literacy Block
10:40-11:05 Recess
11:15-11:45 Lunch
11:50-1:20- Math
1:20-1:55 Specials (Music, Library, Gym)
2:00-3:00 (WIN) Social Studies/Science/Art/Health
3:00-3:15 Exploration/Assessments/Clean up
3:15-3:25 Go Home Procedures/Dismissal

Dismissal: PLEASE call the office or send a note if your child will be going home a different way than what is normally scheduled BEFORE 2PM. This is for your child’s safety! Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Kindergarten Teachers
Mountain View 283-8600

***Monday, September 3 is Labor Day. No school for students.

*** We have been working on routines and appropriate classroom behavior. Please talk with your students about manners, listening to the teacher the first time she speaks, and always doing their best! Support from home is essential to achievement!

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