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As we continue on with our weather / winter units we read a new poem and learned new describing words to the song “Snowflake”.

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Then we discussed the author’s purpose and what the author was really trying to say.  We discussed how even the title was Snowflake, the poem was about how people are all different from each other like Snowflakes.  Then we made paper snowflakes and wrote how we are like our snowflakes, using describing words from the poem and other describing words we have learned.

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Coming back from break we talked about how Author’s have reasons for writing their stories, and what they are trying to say in their writing.  We discussed the two major reasons that author’s write; is to either entertain or inform.

We then made a list of different books we had read and put them either in a category of to inform or to entertain.    Students were then split up into groups and given a collection of books.  They looked through the books and put them into those categories.

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