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This week we celebrated Mother’s Day by reading Clifford’s Happy Mother’s Day, writing all the things that we love about our moms, and what they do for us in a WOW MOM book.

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Finally students made a hand print flower pots for our moms to save and see how much we’ve grown later on!

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Last week we celebrated our last reading buddies.  Since we had a year long of Dr. Seuss we had our last reading buddies with our K/1 class reading our Dr. Seuss books to the 2/3 graders to show how far we’ve come over this year!

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Also as one last art activity both K/1 and 2/3 classes made hand prints with tempera to show their mother’s how small their hands used to be when they were little.  The students also wrote a little thank-you note to their moms, thanking them for being their mom!

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I realize this is a little late but we’ve been busy with end of school year activities that it’s been hard to find time to update.

Last weekend was Mother’s Day so we celebrated by writing WOW MOM books.  We practiced understanding the main idea “My Mom is a Special Person” and writing the details to support why our mother’s were special.  After we planned out our book we wrote them in the books that said mom when they were closed, but WOW when they opened!

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