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We read the story There’s a Billy Goat in the Garden in big book form.  We made 3 popsicle stick puppets from characters in the story and retold the story with the puppets.

IMG_3713 IMG_3729 IMG_3727 IMG_3726

We also have continued our study on characters in books that we read, and students wrote about their favorite character, and we discussed why they were our favorite characters.

IMG_3714 IMG_3718 IMG_3719 IMG_3720 IMG_3721

We have continued our theme on farms and animals on the farm.  The students that we can get more than just food from farms but we can also get wool from sheep to make clothes.  Then for read aloud time we read story Woolbur.  We created a Venn Diagram comparing the story to a previous story we read during our National Geographic Cengage Reading block time.

Woolburcoverth IMG_3699 IMG_3700 IMG_3701

We wrote about what makes us special and unique and made an art project to make us colorful like Woolbur and his friends. Students really enjoyed showing of their own unique creativity!

IMG_3697 IMG_3698 IMG_3702 IMG_3703 IMG_3704

Moving on from the fall harvest unit we talked about where food comes from.  Students learned that food doesn’t just come from the store but much of our food that we eat comes from farms.  We watched Sesame Street visit to a farm (since there are no farms out here in rural Alaska).

We then discussed the main idea of the movie (there are many foods that can come from farms), and illustrated the key details we saw in the video in a web graphic organizer.

IMG_3685 IMG_3686 IMG_3687 IMG_3688

Today we read the story Click Clack Moo: Cow’s That Type discussed cause and effect.  We then created an emergent reader book talking about what other animals on the farm might want.

IMG_3676 IMG_3677 IMG_3678 IMG_3682 IMG_3683 IMG_3684 IMG_3689

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