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As we contiue with our community unit; this week we started our sub-theme about transportation.  We listened to the song / story called “We All Go Traveling By“.  The book is turned into the song on youtube here.  We used a story map to illustrate the main idea and details of the story.

IMG_4754 IMG_4758

At the end of the story the people in the modes of transportation were all heading to school.  So we made a connection to the story and talked about how we got to school.  We made a graph displaying how each member of our class got to school.  The choices were getting to school by walking, truck, four-wheeler, or snowmachine (snowmobile for those of you living in the lower 48).

IMG_4755 IMG_4756 IMG_4757 IMG_4759

For writing we wrote about how we get to school each day and used clipart to illustrate our mode of transportation.

IMG_4760 IMG_4761 IMG_4762 IMG_4763 IMG_4764 IMG_4765

Continuing on our unit about learning about communities and community helpers we’ve been learning about jobs not only in our community but elsewhere.  We started out talking about how students can go wherever they choose to go and be who they choose to be and we reread Oh The Places You’ll Go.  Students colored, cut, and glued pictures of community helpers; and matched them with their related mode of transportation.  For writing students wrote about what they wanted to be when they grew up.

IMG_2294 IMG_2295 IMG_2296 IMG_2297 IMG_2298 IMG_2299

As we continue with our 2nd week on our transportation unit students had a chance to practice the skill of activating their prior knowledge.  We watched the Sesame Street video and listened to the song “I’m Going for a Ride“.  Students were given the opportunity to guess what mode of transportation of each character was going to ride on by activating their prior knowledge.

Then students got to play their own game of “I’m Going for a Ride” writing about the mode of transportation they chose without showing the answer.

IMG_1822 IMG_1823 IMG_1826

After students completed their writing, the class paired up and read their partners writing and guessed what their friends mode of transportation was.  After each pair was finished, the groups rotated until everyone had a chance to guess each other’s.

IMG_1827 IMG_1824 IMG_1821

Finally at the end of the activities students revealed what mode of transportation was theirs and we posted up so others could read and have a chance to play our “I’m Going for a Ride” game!

IMG_1828 IMG_1829 IMG_1830 IMG_1831

Continuing with our Transportation unit, we watched a movie from Sesame Street on how children in Egypt get to school.  We discussed the main ideas and details from the video.


Then after the video we reviewed the ways we get to school and compared them with the ways we go to school up here in Shaktoolik, AK.  Students got into groups of 2 and created a cut and paste venn-diagram.

IMG_1794 IMG_1795 IMG_1796 IMG_1797 IMG_1798

We began our new unit on transportation this week and we started it off with a book as a song called, “We All Go Traveling By“.  We then created a bubble story map and filled out the main idea and details of the story.  Students helped recall the modes of transportation were featured in the story and the sounds they make.

At the end of the story everyone ended up at school so we created a bar graph of the ways that we get to school in Shaktoolik.  Then we wrote  about how we got to school and created cutouts and illustrations.

IMG_1784 IMG_1785 IMG_1786 IMG_1787 IMG_1788 IMG_1789 IMG_1790

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