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Today we read the story “Bear Stays up For Christmas” which is a book that is from the same Author’s and the same characters as one of our favorite books “Bear Snores On”.  Both books also has the same kind of format with its repetitive text and rhyming.


As we read  “Bear Stays up for Christmas” we used our prior knowledge of “Bear Snores On” to predict what would happen next in the story.  Together then we made a whole class venn diagram about how both stories were the same and different.

IMG_4231 IMG_4234

For math we continued on with our topic of composing and decomposing the number 10.  Kindergarteners wrote addition story problems about baking Christmas cookies, and the 1st graders wrote subtraction problems about baking and eating Christmas cookies.

IMG_4229 IMG_4235 IMG_4237 IMG_4238 IMG_4239

Just recently we read the story “Bear Snores On” and then the next week we read another story with Bear and his friends called “Bear Stays Up For Christmas”.  We looked at and discussed the similarities and differences in think-pair-share partners between the two books.  Then as a class we filled out a venn diagram that displayed what we knew.

IMG_1327 IMG_1328

Then we went back into the text “Bear Stays Up For Christmas” and looked at things that Bear and his friends did for Christmas; such as decorate and wrap presents.  Then for a writing activity we wrote and illustrated what we thought about when we think about Christmas.

IMG_1329 IMG_1330 IMG_1331 IMG_1332 IMG_1333

The papers with the beginning of the sentences pre-written are Kindergarten papers.


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