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Every week we have a new literacy skill that we focusing on in Literacy workshop.  This week our mini lessons are based on sequencing.  I took four big pictures that went in order and had the whole class work together to put the pictures in the right order.  Then as a whole class we told the story.

After this activity I put in the learning to sequence picture card game into out literacy workshop.  I had students work with me one on one putting the four pictures in order.  They turned the pictures over to make sure they were correct.

IMG_1340 IMG_1341 IMG_1342 IMG_1343

After students checked their work they turned the pictures back over and they told a story in their own words of what is happening in the pictures.  Then students practiced reading stories on their own and answering sequencing questions.

IMG_1346 IMG_1348 IMG_1349 IMG_1350 IMG_1352

A new section to my website has been added!  The section is called curriculum.  This section will contain information / ideas for what will be covered in Kindergarten / 1st grade and how I plan on managing my classroom.  The first section that has been posted is information in reading workshop and examples of how to implement guided reading in conjunction with your school’s reading program.  You can take a look at the new section here.

Your first few years of school can be quite intimidating especially in Kindergarten where you have A LOT to cover in a short amount of time when following the new common core standards.  There are tons of resources that can help you make your year easier.

Interactive Whiteboards / SMART Boards

One thing I’ve really tried to do as a Kindergarten teacher is to making my direct instruction more interactive.  SMART boards are great tools to allow your children to become very involved with the lesson, however if your school does not have smart boards, this may be more difficult.  However if you have an LCD projector you can turn your projector into a SMART board for really really cheap!  Here’s how you do it:

How to make a cheap interactive white board
You’ll need;

– A computer that can connect to a LCD projector (needs to have Bluetooth capabilities)

– A Wiimote Controller

– An IR Pen (You can search for these on Amazon for really cheap)

– Wiimote Whiteboard Software –

Video Instructions

What is a Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard, how it works, how to set it up –

Video tutorial on how to setup a Wiimote Whiteboard –

Written Instructions

Step 1 – Connect your computer to a projector and display the projector on your whiteboard.

Step 2 – Install the Wiimote to your computer by finding the device via Devices and Printers in control panel.  Add a device and get your computer’s Bluetooth to recognize it by having your computer search for new devices and pressing the 1 and 2 buttons repeatedly.

Step 3 – The Wiimote’s lights will continue to flash until you open up the Wiimote Whiteboard Software.  Point the Wiimote towards the projected area (it needs to be able to “see” the whole whiteboard area)

Step 4 – Open up the Wiimote whiteboard software and calibrate the program by touching the infared pen right to the red dots on the projected area.  The Wiimote should pick up the infared light.  Once calibrated you should be able to use the infared pen as if you were touching the SMART board.

Once you have a SMART Board or Interactive Whiteboard Setup
As far as using the SMART board there are tons of free resources out there but there is one website that I would HIGHLY recommend for whole group instruction that is:

Starfall is a free website that teaches phonics and reading fluency skills that students can use on their own or you can use with a SMART board / projector.  You can also pay for more features on Starfall which I would recommend because they also have engaging math activities and songs.
Another website that is amazing when it comes to having projectable books and lesson plans to teach reading comprehension I would look into purchasing

I seriously would not have gotten through this year without reading a-z.

Interactive Games / Projectable Activities / Worksheets
Now here are more free websites and resources that I’ve used this year: – These games are great for SMART board use! – This is another interactive SMART board game to teach base-ten. – Base-ten worksheet generator – Free interactive Math Games – more free math activities – Interactive SMART board lessons – Flats vs. Solids Interactive SMART board lesson – A great measurement unit with free printables – These are great graphic organizers for teaching comprehension skills – These are really for writing workshop.  I have a separate time set in my schedule just for writing workshop on top of teaching them writing of letters and conventions.

Projectable Videos

Here is a good video for intro to place value:

Here is a money video:

This video will be good if you can get a hold of toy clocks from somewhere:

Informally introducing long vowels:

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