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As start to finish up with our back to school unit we learned “Wheels on the Bus” song.  We discussed how we do not have school buses in Shaktoolik and we saw a video school buses to introduce our students to what a school bus is.

Then we created a graph illustrating how people from our classroom gets to school.  The answers consisted of walking, four-wheeler, riding a bike, and by truck.


Students then got to make a construction paper school bus and rewrote the song to fit the initial sound that they hear in their name.

IMG_3260 IMG_3261 IMG_3262

For children out here in the isolated villages of Alaska, going to school does not mean going to school on a bus.  However as part of our back to school unit, we discussed how others get to school.  Children explained how they got to school by walking, riding a 4-wheeler, or riding in their papa’s truck.  I asked students if they had ever seen a school bus.  Many students talked about visiting Anchorage and seeing them in Anchorage.  As a class I explained how many students can ride on a bus at once to go to school.  We sang “The Wheels on the Bus” song, as well as changed one of the lines in the song “The wheels on the bus go bumpity bump, bumpity bump, bumpity bump.”  To support children in understanding initial sounds, we did phoneme substitutions for that specific line.  For example if a student chose the letter T, the line would be; “The wheels on the bus go tumpity tump, tumpity tump, tumpity tump.”

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