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This week we started our unit on cold weather animals and the season of winter.  We read the book Eskimo, Eskimo What Do You Hear discussed about different kinds of animals that live in very cold places such as the North Pole or Antarctica.  We also read an emergent nonfiction text and student wrote about what their favorite polar animal is.

The next day we watched a science video about the Walrus and discussed different things that walrus have to adapt to such cold weather.  For art we made construction paper walrus art.


Last week we had our mini unit on The Mitten by Jan Brett, and we began with reading it whole group.  Then we created an anchor chart and discussed the elements of the story.

mitten IMG_6869

Next we completed a mitten sequence cut and paste activity; illustrating the order that the animals entered in the mitten.  Finally students retold the story by acting out the story using masks printed out from Jan Brett’s website.

IMG_6874 IMG_6873 IMG_6870 IMG_6877 IMG_6879

This week we finish up our unit on weather and seasons.  We also continued our study on tall tales and we read a story called Snow Globe Family.  One of our reading skills we have been learning is how to visualize parts of the story or make mind movies.  So I read part of the story to them without showing them the pictures first.  Then we came up with the things we visualized in a class list.


We then created our own snow globes and wrote about what we would do if we lived in a snow globe.  We hung up our drawings and writing in the classroom.

IMG_4565 IMG_4566 IMG_4576 IMG_4577 IMG_4578 IMG_4579

Continuing on with our Winter / The Four Seasons theme, we learned a new song / poem called The First Snow.  We learned new winter vocabulary and practiced memorizing the words as we sang along to the song on CD.



Afterwards we cutout a picture of the boy from the song and helped him get dressed to go play outside.  We colored and cutout the different winter clothes and discussed the correct sequence the boy would need to put them on.

IMG_4508 IMG_4509 IMG_4510


Finally we wrote directions for others on how to get dressed for winter, and during centers students could create Venn Diagram to compare and contrast winter to summer!

IMG_4512 IMG_4513 IMG_4534

As we get closer to the first day of winter, we’ve been locating when the first day of winter is on the calendar.  We’ve also been discussing the changes in weather we’ve been noticing as winter approaches.  Today we read “Clifford’s First Snow Day” and started a Venn Diagram displaying the differences between Fall and Winter.  We will complete the middle part tomorrow.

IMG_1282 IMG_1283

Afterwards we cut out a picture of a boy and helped him put on his winter gear.  We discussed as a class which items should the boy put on first.  The student’s learned that they couldn’t put on the boys boots first because his boots would get in the way of the snowsuit.

IMG_1274 IMG_1275 IMG_1280 IMG_1284 IMG_1289 IMG_1288

After students finished dressing their person, then they wrote directions for how to get dressed to go outside in the winter.  Student’s learned ordering words such as first, next, then, and last.

IMG_1293 IMG_1292 IMG_1291IMG_1294 IMG_1290

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